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Baptism is the church's rite of initiation: it incorporates a person, infant or adult, into the church, which is the body of Christ. It is a sign of God's gracious act for all people, giving himself in Jesus Christ "who died for us all while we were still sinners" and bringing people to faith through the Holy Spirit.

Following the baptism of an adult, the person promises to seek to follow the Christian way. When a baby is baptised, the parents promise to seek to bring the child up in a Christian atmosphere. The congregation pledges its support.

The Uniting Church believes that baptism cannot be repeated. There is no second baptism recognised for adults who were baptised as children. The church believes that the appropriate response for adults is confirmation, which is a public ceremony in which members confirm their mature sense of call to be disciples of Christ.

Baptism is not an end but a beginning. In baptism a person is initiated into Christ's life and mission in the world and is "united in one fellowship of love, service, suffering and joy". Every baptised person is a minister of Christ (meaning a "servant"). All are, in a sense, ordained by their baptism to serve Christ, to serve the body of Christ and to serve the world for which Christ died.

Please direct all inquiries for Baptism, to us. We will gladly talk to you about this sacrament.

For an appointment phone (02) 4868 1980

Last Updated 21/6/17